Myth and history. Beaches even for the most demanding. Unyielding people who consider hospitality as their personal business. Opportunities for relaxation or frantic fun. And a landscape different from the others. This is Lemnos.

Volcanic in its geological origin, it is also metaphorically an invisible volcano that boils. Beneath its seemingly quiet surface, it hides treasures that will be discovered only by anyone who is fed up with the obvious cosmopolitanism of the other Aegean islands and is in the mood for exploration.

With air connection from Athens and Thessaloniki, but also with easy access from Kavala, in a few hours by boat you are on the island where Hephaestus found refuge, after the dispute that Zeus had with the jealous Hera. Mysterious, with the shadow of Kaveri still falling on it, prehistoric, with Poliochni, the oldest city in Europe dating from the fifth millennium BC, pious, with the famous sanctuary of the great goddess of Lemnos, Hephaestus.

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Chamber of Lesvos
71 Kountourioti Pavlou Street, 811 31 Mytilene
+30 2251028431, +30 2251029727

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